About Us

Brett Richards is the founder and President of Connective Intelligence Inc., a global consulting firm that offers business-based solutions to improve the current performance and future potential of organizations. Connective Intelligence specializes in mapping and developing thinking and emotional capabilities to increase individual, team and organizational performance. In addition, Brett is an industry practitioner instructor at the Schulich Executive Education Centre.

We offer integrated business-based solutions that improve your organizational value performance and harness the potential of your talent. “Success in today’s competitive, global environment requires learning faster, looking deeper and exploring further than we ever imagined.”

Connective Intelligence Inc. is a global leader in offering unique consulting, evaluation, organizational value, and training programs for well over a decade. Click on this Our Clients link to see some of the organizations we have worked with since incorporating in 1999.

Please call us with any questions you may have.  You can reach us directly at 1-866-THUNKIT (848-6548) or email us at mail@connectiveintelligence.com.