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Connective Intelligence Inc. provides powerful training programs and organizational development consultations which focus on both knowledge acquisition and business application. Professionals choose our programs because it provides them with practical tools and the know-how to harness thinking potential and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Our intensive, highly interactive leadership and team development programs consistently delivers tangible results for client organizations.

Organizational Value Through Consulting Evaluation and Training Programs

Global Leaders in improving your organizational value and harnessing the potential of your talent!

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Connective Intelligence Inc. President Brett Richards is a Master Trainer in Effective Intelligence®, an international business-based system designed to improve individual and team thinking skills, and system-wide collaboration delivering results. Organizational Value and Performance

We harness your ability to Re-Think, Re-Imagine and Re-New. Let us help you develop your next generation of products and/or services to maximize organizational value and experience while strengthening the future potential and viability of your organization. Connective Intelligence Services

We have been providing intensive, high impact coaching to managers, leaders and professionals around the world for over 10 years. Delivering professional business management consulting, coaching, and training programs is what Connective Intelligence Inc. is all about Business Management Consulting Coaching Training Programs