Organizational Value & Performance

Connective Intelligence Inc. delivers organizational value through many ways one of which is being a Master Trainer in Effective Intelligence®, an international business-based system designed to improve individual and team thinking skills, and system-wide collaboration. Leveraging over 17 years of experience applying the concepts of thinking and organizational intelligence within a business context. We have developed and published a comprehensive suite of performance tools which he provides to a growing number of training and organizational development professionals around the world – now on six continents. Another is being a Master Trainer and Coach with the EQ-i® (emotional quotient inventory). Brett Richards, President of Connective Intelligence Inc. is the developer of Emotional Power®, a practical business-based model used to apply the concepts of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Brett is a published business writer and successfully completed his Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. Brett’s dissertation focused on organizational innovation and cognition, and he has developed a new empirical tool to assess an organization’s ability to grow through new value creation and adaptive transformation called, the (Organizational Growth Indicator).

Connective Intelligence Inc. offers all these training programs above as well as more services shown on this Core Services link.

Harnessing thinking potential and emotional intelligence in the workplace results in better performance. Please call us with any questions you may have.  You can reach us directly at 1-866-THUNKIT (848-6548) or email us at